The Best Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume for Women

Jean Paul Gaultier has been an iconic of the fashion industry ever since he launched his design in 1993. But in 2020, it is certainly not just fashion he is known for.

Some of the best women's perfumes of the decade have come from house Jean Paul Gaultier. Known for their spicy, floral, and oriental notes, house Jean Paul Gaultier has been crafting beautiful scents since the release of his first ever perfume - Jean Paul Gaultier Classique.

Our picks for the best Jean Paul Gaultier perfume for women:

    1. Classique Eau de Parfum
    2. Le Classique Eau de Parfum
    3. Scandal Eau de Parfum
    4. Le Belle Eau de Parfum
    5. Scandal by Night Eau de Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes for women 2020

Our guide below rounds-up which Jean paul Gaultier perfumes for women you should keep an eye on if you're considering a new fragrance purchase soon.

1. Classique Eau de Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique for Women

There would be no other way to start our round-up of the best Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes for women than with Classique Eau de ParfumThis was the first fragrance ever released by the fashion design house in 1993, and was originally called JPGaultier Classique. 

The now famous fragrance is known for its unashamedly sweet and feminine scent DNA, and is certainly no less popular today than it was in the 90's. 

It is not only the sweet feminine fragrance notes of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique that makes it so striking, but the bottle itself. The shapely female torso design of the bottle was considered an innovation at it's time of release, and certainly remains so today. While it will certainly look absolutely beautiful on your dressing table, it is the fragrance inside that makes this perfume such an icon.

Fragrance Notes for Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDP

Top: Rose, pear, orange blossom, mandarin

Heart: Ylang-ylang, orchid, blackcurrant, ginger

Base: Sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, amber

2. Le Classique Eau de Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique Perfume for Women

The follow up fragrance to the 1993 hit-success Classique was released only 2 years later 1995. And just like the original Classique EDP, the new edition was bold in its fragrance DNA.

But unlike its sweet and floral cousin, Le Classique took on darker, more vampy approach, right down to the bottle design.

A striking twist on the bottle design gives Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique a dark, lace effect, which results in a more eye-catching, sexy feel. 

The original Classique edition took on a more feminine approach to both its scent and bottle design, Le Classique is very much a more sultry & seductive fragrance.

Le Classique stays true to the opening notes of the original Classique with a strong presence of rose. But it quickly differentiates itself with more unusual notes such as rum, daffodil, and tonka bean.

Many have described Le Classique as not smelling like a perfume. Instead, it has been described as smelling like a woman - confident, sophisticated, and bold in its presentation.

Fragrance Notes for Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique EDP

Top: Rum, rose

Heart: Orchid, daffodil, vanilla

Base: Tonka bean, sandalwood, amber, vanilla

3. Scandal Eau de Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal perfume for women

The Scandal range of fragrances from Jean Paul Gaultier is perhaps most well known for its bottle design too. Sticking with his signature style of celebrating the female form, Jean Paul Gaultier moves away from the iconic female torso design in favour of a more traditional square bottle. Where the design is anything but traditional, is in the pair of legs on the lid, which dangle upwards in an alluring and whimsical way.

But like all Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes, the fragrance inside does not disappoint. 

The first scent on the nose from Scandal is a strong burst of honey. The fragrance then transitions into notes of blood orange and patchouli, with a subtle earthiness apparent throughout the scent DNA.

The overall result is a perfume that is complex, beautiful, and undoubtedly feminine. Perhaps one of the most interesting facets of Scandal is just how incredible its performance is, with the fragrance easily lasting up to 7 hours on the skin.

Fragrance Notes for Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal EDP

Top: Honey, blood orange

Heart: Mandarin, peach, orange blossom

Base: Beeswax, liquorice, caramel

4. La Belle Eau de Parfum

La Belle Eau de Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier

Next up on our list of best Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes for women, is the opulent La Belle Eau de Parfum. A fragrance that embodies temptation, audacity, and a sense of irreverence.

While it the bottle does resemble that of Classique, the La Belle bottle leaves behind the innocence of the smooth lines. Instead, we have a geometric silhouette wearing a crimson corset. 

La Belle is a fragrance that bursts open with strong citrus notes, leading with bergamot and a sweet & spicy pear. It follows with a thread of vanilla and vetiver, which are all expertly blended together to create a fragrance that can only be described as feisty. 

La Belle has a relatively simple list of ingredients, but they are so perfectly balanced that the result is a beautiful Sillage that lasts all the way up to 5 hours.

Fragrance Notes for Jean Paul Gaultier La Bella EDP

Top: Citrus

Heart: Pear, vetiver

Base: Vanilla

5. Scandal by Night Eau de Parfum

Scandal By Night Eau de Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier

The final fragrance on our list is the might Scandal by Night Eau de Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier. Released in 2018, it is one of the newest perfumes to be released by the famous fashion brand.

Keeping almost the same bottle design as the original - albeit it in a darker shade of pink - Scandal by Night is a love letter to its older self. 

It stays true to the scent DNA of Scandal, with strong notes of honey and sweet-sour citrus in the opening burst. It then follows up with palette of pear, cherry, and the faintest touch of rose - a clear ode to the foundation of all Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes.

The longevity of Scandal by Night is also worth mentioning, with a phenomenal performance of almost 8 hours. This is certainly one of the longest lasting fragrances released by Jean Paul Gaultier.

It's long lasting scent, coupled with the notes of honey and faint air of rose, make this a perfect fragrance for winter.

Fragrance Notes for Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal by Night EDP

Top: Honey, citrus

Heart: Cherry, pear, orange blossom, Jatamansi

Base: Vanilla, musk, patchouli, sandalwood

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