Carolina Herrera Confidential Collection Gift Set


Embark on a journey of the senses with Herrera Confidential, an exclusive collection of fragrances inspired by Carolina A. Herrera's personal memories and the Middle Eastern art of perfume layering.

The Herrera Confidential Collection Gift Set contains six of the most iconic scents from the fragrance range, all in convenient, travel-sized 5ml bottles.

The fragrance set includes the following:

  • 5ml Neroli Boheme
  • 5ml Nightfall Patchouli
  • 5ml Burning Rose
  • 5ml Tuberose
  • 5ml Amber Desire
  • 5ml Oud Couture 

The set allows you to discover which Herrera Confidential fragrance is right for you.

Crafted from the finest ingredients and housed in exquisite jewel-toned glass bottles, each of the precious fragrances, oils and elixirs in this opulent range can be mixed and matched to create a unique and highly individual fragrance.

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Neroli Boheme

This passionate fragrance pays homage to whimsical and carefree days spent at Carolina Herrera’s venezuelan family estate – a rich and verdant setting where elegance and relaxed style effortlessly harmonized.

The neroli is bohemian, playful and sensual - a chiaroscuro composition of italian citrus fruits for bright freshness, nightfall indian jasmine for depth"

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Nightfall Patchouli

A fusion between fantasy and reality, this contrasting duality is reflected through the sweet yet bitter cinnamon.

Resinous Benzoin adds a mystical Arabian edge while the sweet-herbaceous Indonesian patchouli completes the composition.

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Burning Rose

Burning Rose evokes nostalgia, taking you back to the transitional ‘70s and ‘80s as new bold ideas emerged inciting pop culture; a potent melange of emotion and passion.

An elegant and charismatic fragrance, the opulent Rose Damascena intertwines with the earthy rich Indonesian Patchouli and the melange of luxurious spices (royal cinnamon from Laos and ginger), to create a colourfully rich scent.

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A creamy floral, the fragrance is sensual and intense, buoyed by tuberose combined with sweet orange flower and vanilla.

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Amber Desire

To give Amber Desire a more cosmopolitan edge, an intoxicating fusion of date, rose absolute, vanilla and labdanum were combined to create a light yet powerful aura.

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Oud Couture

Jasmine tops off the fragrance, giving it a sweet, mild opening.

The luxurious warmth of Oud resin is enriched with the sweet Damascus Rose, coupled with Taif Rose from Saudi Arabia, adding floral depth to its composition while reifying the link with Middle Eastern culture.

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