Chanel Les Eaux De Chanel Travel Set


For those who wish to discover LES EAUX DE CHANEL or travel with them by land, air or sea, CHANEL proposes an elegant set of the three eaux de toilettes PARIS-DEAUVILLE, PARIS-BIARRITZ and PARIS-VENISE available in limited edition.

Presented in 50ml bottles, they come with a jersey pouch bag and three postcards to send from one of your getaways. 

The gift set contains the following:

  • 50ml Chanel Deauville EDP
  • 50ml Chanel Biarritz EDP
  • 50ml Chanel Venise EDP
  • A soft pouch travel bag
  • Three scenic postcards from each of the inspiration cities

LES EAUX DE CHANEL capture the spirit of three destinations that left a profound mark on Gabrielle Chanel's life and style.

Three fragrances, three interpretations of freshness.

Deauville, Venice, Biarritz: these three cities of water are the inspiration for three fragrances illuminated by Sicilian and Calabrian citrus.

With a single spray, LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrances procure a feeling of freshness so vivid it takes you on a journey.

Discover the green and aromatic notes of PARIS-DEAUVILLE, the oriental trail of PARIS-VENISE and the invigorating signature of PARIS-BIARRITZ.

The Fragrance Journey of Chanel


Inspired by destinations beloved by Gabrielle Chanel, LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrances offer an instant escape.

A sensation of freshness. A journey in every spray.

Discover The Fragrances

Chanel Deauville

A zesty, aromatic trail inspired by the landscapes along the Normandy coast, where Gabrielle Chanel opened her first boutique. A vivid, naturally radiant freshness.

The distinguished elegance of an eau de toilette that melds the aromatic green facets of basil with the sparkling top notes of Sicilian orange.

Discover The Fragrances

Chanel Biarritz

PARIS–BIARRITZ is inspired by the feeling of freedom and energy that emanates from the Basque coast, with its powerful surf and long beaches.

A fragrance with a lively trail, like a splash of sea spray. Charmed by this dynamic ambience, Gabrielle Chanel chose it as the location of her first couture house, in a villa opposite the casino.

Discover The Fragrances

Chanel Venise

PARIS-VENISE is inspired by the city of art, where East meets West. With its narrow streets and canals lined with Italian palaces, Venice was a revelation for Gabrielle Chanel.

The Byzantine paintings she discovered there, with their gold backgrounds and bright colors, became a major source of inspiration for her style.

The sensual freshness of PARIS–VENISE evokes the enchanting, exotic character of this legendary city.

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