CHANEL Platinum Egoiste Deodorant Spray


The fougère-vert accord of the Platinum Egoiste fragrance in a deodorant spray.

An instant fresh feeling. A moment of well-being that prolongs the lingering scent of the fragrance.

  • Provides effective protection against odor & perspiration
  • The perfect addition to any fragrance routine
  • Scented with authentic CHANEL Platinum Egoiste
  • Lasts all day

The alliance of balance and power.

This fougère-green accord has all the aromatic freshness of Lavender and Rosemary, heightened by a touch of Petitgrain from Paraguay.

Its full heart blossoms over a virile accord of Clary Sage and Geranium, leading to a very pure base in which the amber warmth of exotic wood lingers on.

Platinum Egoiste is a scent for the extroverted man who isn't afraid of making himself known.

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