CK One Body Lotion by Calvin Klein


CK One by Calvin Klein is a unisex body lotion & moisturiser.

Calvin Klein CK One Skin Moisturiser is a supple lotion that uses the same fresh scent as the signature CK One fragrance, which uses a subtle blend of light notes including bergamot, cardamom, pineapple, papaya, hedione, green tea, musk and amber.

  • Features the fragrance notes of CK One perfume
  • Moisturisers the skin
  • Completes the all-over beauty routine
  • Provides hydration for up to 10 hours

Two bodies two minds and two souls are merged into the heat and passion of one: Ck One by Calvin Klein is a beautiful unisex fragrance.

Purity. Unity. Fresh. The revolutionary first CK fragrance is designed for men and women to share.

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