Gucci Bloom Hair Mist


Gucci Bloom is presented as a lightweight hair mist that encompasses the signature fragrance: a scent designed to celebrate the authenticity, vitality and diversity of women—flourishing in a natural, expressive and individual way.

A lightweight hair mist that envelops the hair in the signature Gucci Bloom fragrance, leaving a delicate sillage that awakens the senses.

  • A delicate hair mist suitable for all hair types
  • Features natural tuberose harvested from India
  • Lasts all day
  • Invigorates the hair with authentic the authentic Gucci Bloom fragrance

Mist over the hair as part of the fragrance ritual. Use the Gucci Bloom Hair Mist together with Gucci Bloom Soap, Body Cream and Body Oil to reveal the sillage of the scent, and impart of harmony and indulgence for the body.

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