Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume Gift Set


Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume EDP is a fragrance made out of a single element called Cetalox.

The Parisian fragrance house Juliette Has a Gun Perfume presents it's bestselling fragrance "NOT A PERFUME", along with a convenient travel size for on the go.

This limited-edition, exclusive set offers a superior value as well as a very exciting layering option.

The gift set contains the following:

  • 100ml Not a Perfume EDP Spray
  • 7.5ml Travel Spray

This minimalist, fresh, and clean fragrance is hypoallergenic and ideal for those who don’t normally wear perfume.

It is composed of a single note, called cetalox, which is usually used in perfumery as a base note.

Here it plays the lead role for a fragrance that will easily satisfy the most difficult tastes, and particularly those preferring discretion over complexity.

Get it with the Juliette Has a Gun Not A Hair & Body Mist.

Cetalox is the name given to the molecule Ambroxan. It is a synthetic formulation of Ambergris. Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume is a sensual fragrance composed of only that one note: the molecule Ambroxan.

It is normally confined to a base note role. Scentless until sprayed onto the skin, the fragrance secrets are revealed with Amber and Musk tones that are unique to the wearer.

It is not a composition, it is a fragrant statement that is refined and pure. It is a true skin scent that smells like you, only it is more intense and magical. Allergen-free and safe for even the most sensitive of skins, Not a Perfume is like nothing you've worn before.

C16 H28 O is formula of Ambroxan, the only key ingredient in this non-perfume. Ambrox was born in the 1950es in Firmenich as substitute for grey amber which was very expensive for a common use in compositions. Ambrox is typically used as one of base notes of compositions, while it has a leading role in this non-perfume.

The fragrance smells like nothing else you may have encountered before. The scent can be described as fresh, with the subtlest of woody tones. However, it truly needs to be experienced to fully understand.

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