Maison Margiela Miniature Discovery Set


Maison Margiela’s bestselling Replica fragrances are now available in an exclusive discovery set.

The set is composed of give unisex Eau De Toilettes, including: Beach Walk, Jazz Club, Lazy Sunday Morning, Sailing Day, and By the Fireplace.

The perfect gift or travel accessory. This collection of Margiela's Replica scents is the perfect introduction to the brand. 

This discovery set contains the following fragrances:

  • 7ml Beach Walk
  • 7ml Jazz Club
  • 7ml Lazy Sunday Morning
  • 7ml Sailing Day
  • 7ml By The Fireplace

Featuring 5 of Replica's hero scents across a range of different scent families, there is sure to be a fragrance for everyone.

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Discover The Fragrances

Beach Walk

The memory of a warm summer’s day. A white sandy beach in the height of summer. Your feet sink into the wet sand as waves brush against your skin.

The sun sinks gently through the crystal sky, the warmth balanced by the caress of a soft breeze. This female fragrance captures the carefree bliss of a summer’s day on the beach which makes it perfect to wear during the day time.

Discover The Fragrances

Jazz CLub

The memory of an evening in an intimate jazz club in Brooklyn, 2013. The scent of liquor infused cocktails and tobacco fills the room, whilst the sound of a saxophone creates the perfect atmosphere.

A private moment to relax and unwind, the warmth of rich whiskey, the cool contrast of ice, on the rocks. Jazz Club delivers a masculine, woody, sweet and addictive scent. The balmy base, with notes of Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Vetiver and Tabaco combine to create a melody of liquor and leather.

Discover The Fragrances

Lazy Sunday Morning

The memory of a Lazy Sunday Morning in Florence, 2003. You roll over to feel the delicate summer softness of cotton sheets and silky smooth skin.

Breathe in the reassuring scent of fresh laundry and feel completely relaxed and at peace, a tranquillity that only a lazy Sunday morning brings. The white floral feminine fragrance features delicate notes of Patchouli, Rose Absolute and White Musk – the perfect combination for a comforting, clean, fresh feeling.

Discover The Fragrances

Sailing Day

The memory of a Sailing Day. Transport yourself to a Greek holiday by the sea. The crashing of the ocean waves, the freshness of the sea spray on your face and the warmth of the sun on your back.

A moment to reflect in the wide expanse of the open seas. Margiela’s Sailing Day is a refreshing & invigorating fragrance featuring aquatic accords evocative of the sea – a perfectly fresh and uplifting unisex fragrance.

Discover The Fragrances

By The Fireplace

The memory of an evening by the Fireplace. After a day skiing in the French Alps, warm up by the cosy fireplace. Outside it is snowing on a frosty white landscape, the sound of the skis cutting through the icy snow. Inside the chalet, flames of a comforting fire crackle with a glowing warmth.

The contrast of hot and cold with top notes of Pink Pepper and clove, contrasting with warm, comforting notes of Cashmeran and Orange Flower. This is a warm male fragrance is ideal to wear in the evening.

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