Mont Blanc Legend Deodorant Spray


Mont Blanc Legend is made for a charismatic, confident and inspiring man. It invites all men to challenge themselves and to discover what kind of a Legend they are.

The Mont Blanc Legend Deodorant provides effective all-day protection against perspiration & body odour.

It is the perfect way to complete the Mont Blanc Legend fragrance ritual.

  • Newly released in 2020 by Mont Blanc
  • Effective protection against body odour
  • Lasts all day
  • Features notes of Bergamot, Jasmine, and Wood
  • Suitable for everyday wear

The updated version maintains the original Legend notes but is enriched with new facets: fresh violet leaves highlighted by a magnetic floral note of magnolia and a captivating trail of vibrant wood and leather.

The iconic bottle reveals a radiant black inner lacquering and subtle gold on the Montblanc emblem, expressing powerful character.

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