Prada Les Infusions Miniature Gift Set


Les Infusions de Prada are vivid, yet subtle compositions of 
high craft and fleeting recollections.

Les Infusions de Prada are the essence of remembering. Each evokes an ephemeral suggestion of
 a source — never a direct reference — that is at once intense and intimate.

This miniature gift set contains five of the most iconic Prada Les Infusions fragrances:

  • 8ml Prada Iris EDP
  • 8ml Prada Cèdre EDP
  • 8ml Prada Fleur d'Oranger EDP
  • 8ml Prada Rose EDP
  • 8ml Prada Mandarine EDP

The scents reinterpret ancient perfumery techniques and reinvent the natural in forms that feel entirely modern, clear, and precise.

The experience is one of déjà-vu, an olfactory flirtation with the past that looks boldly to the future.

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