Prada L'Homme Intense EDP


Prada L'Homme Intense EDP is a powerful scent for a charismatic and determined man.

L'Homme intense is a multi-experience of fragrance because it smells clear of sword lily and Amber and has notes of leather and patchouli. These fragrances are perfectly met by Tonka bean to give the perfume an oriental touch.

  • High-strength Eau de Parfum
  • The ultimate office fragrance
  • Lasts 10 hours on the skin
  • Crisp, clean smelling scent
  • An iconic men's Prada perfume

Discover L'Homme Prada Intense Eau de Parfum, a sophisticated, powerful and masculine fragrance.

L'Homme Prada Intense combines classic, traditional ingredients, with a touch of contemporary. A richer, more intense interpretation of the L'Homme classic for a charismatic and determined man.

Notes of aromatic cardamon combined with the woody hues of patchouli create a distinctive and powerful sensuality. The warm amber base brings a long-lasting, addictive masculinity.

L'Homme Prada Intense, is a sensual, luxury male fragrance, with a sophisticated and captivating allure.

The perfume bottle is wrapped in iconic black Prada Saffiano. The original Prada logo appears raised in silver on the front of the black lacquered bottle.

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