TOM FORD Mandarino di Amalfi EDP


A captivating citrus scent that enwraps the senses, TOM FORD's Mandarino Amalfi joins mandarin oil, orange blossom and coriander to create an effervescent coral aura.

  • High-strength Eau de Parfum
  • Inspired by the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast
  • Features beautiful notes of Mandarin, Basil, and Shiso
  • A bold fragrance for special occasions
  • The perfect summer scent

Inspired by the calm idyll of Amalfi's cliffside villas, the gentle breeze captures the aroma's key notes of mint and wildflowers and elegantly ties them in a neat bow to create a warm and lingering fragrance.

Tonic-like citrus, aromatic herbs, wildflowers, and night-blooming flowers create a luminous, textured fragrance that is as blissful as retreating to a whitewashed Amalfi villa.

It‘s an invitation into a Mediterranean idyll where Italian coastal ingredients perfume the evening air.

A serene perspective of the Amalfi cliffsides, with their citrus fruits and calm idyll, captures the bright tranquillity.

As the day's close, the air, scented with mint, thyme and wildflowers, mingles with a warm breeze of night blooming flowers.

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