Yves Saint Laurent Y EDP


This intense rendition of the Y fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent tells the story of a man who dares to believe his dreams, who achieves all he sets out to accomplish, and yet who still has questions to answer.

He will always keep believing and always keep pushing, that's Y he will never stop.

  • One of the newest fragrances for men by YSL
  • High-strength Eau de Parfum
  • Inspired by rock legend Lenny Kravitz
  • Perfect for day and night use
  • Features notes of Dark Wood and Tonka Bean

The juice of this new fragrance is deep, fresh and masculine.

Created by the legendary perfumer Dominique Ropion, Y Eau de Parfum is an intense white and dark fougere.

Y Eau de Parfum represents a man who has accomplished his dreams and is moving towards a new tomorrow.

He's a man capable of facing the challenges presented to him, he takes nothing for granted. He will always keep believing, always keep pushing, that's Y he will never stop.

The Y Man: The independent experimenter.

Y Le Parfum captures the spirit of the YSL man, embodied by Y’s iconic ambassador, rock legend Lenny Kravitz. A dreamer and risk-taker, an avid experimenter and multi-talented creator, always forging ahead on the path to self-accomplishment...

Whatever he does, the Y Le Parfum man is a total rock star. Absolutely free-spirited. Intensely independent. Never afraid to defy the status quo. Why not? He doesn’t care about other people’s judgment. Never afraid to experiment. To make unexpected choices.

Because he collects experiences like badges of honour. An experimenter and a creator who never stops asking himself: Why not?

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